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La Pine RFPD Technical Rescue Programs

Since the 1970's, La Pine RFPD has been providing technical rescue services to the community.  Members put in countless hours of additional training, above that of a firefighter/EMT, to stay educated on the latest advancements in the rescue field and work hard to keep our rescue equipment operational. In addition to responding to rescue related incidents within the La Pine ambulance service area, the department is also commonly called to render assistance to adjoining agencies. 

La Pine Fire RescueLa Pine RFPD is aggressive in seeking excellence in any program which we provide and can proudly say that we currently offer comprehensive rescue services in area of vehicle rescue, snow rescue and shore-based water rescue.  Future rescue related goals include offering additional training to members so that they become proficient in a wider range of technical rescue situations including swift water rescue, ice and cold water rescue, land based rescue, collapse rescue, and low-angle rope rescue. 



Rescue Services Provided Include:

Vehicle Rescue

The fire district has opportunity to save multiple lives each year with proficient, knowledgeable and honed vehicle rescue skills.  We train like lives depend on it, because they do.  We are first-due to an extremely busy section of Hwy 97 as well as a number of other State and local roads. La Pine RFPD members are privileged to perform extrications using state of the art hydraulic rescue tools.  Each of the department Engines are currently equipped with a large cache of hydraulic rescue tools, cribbing, stabilization struts, air tools, lift bags, and various other heavy rescue equipment.


Used Car Donations
    La Pine Rural Fire Protection District routinely accepts used vehicle donations. Members use     

    these vehicles to practice extrication procedures and rescue operations. If you are interested in

    donating your used vehicle please contact the fire district..You will be provided a letter verifying your

    donation for tax purposes. Warning: your vehicle will be completely destroyed during training.

Water Rescue

Summertime in the area brings many visitors to the area for recreation amidst the numerous bodies of water that surround us.  The fire district provides limited first response water rescue services.  La Pine’s water rescue program focuses on shore based rescue methods.  Some of the tactics commonly used include reaching victims with long poles or ladders (ice), throwing specially made water rescue rope bags to a victim. Local search and rescue agencies help provide the next tier of on water, swift water, and wilderness rescue. 

Snow Rescue

During winter months portions of the fire district can receive large amounts of snow.  Some residential roads become inaccessible to ambulances in the winter months and may require the use of snowmobiles to access patients with medical related issues.   The district’s snow rescue program utilizes a 26’ enclosed trailer, two Arctic Cat snowmobiles and a rescue travois to deliver emergency advanced life support to those in need.    


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