Support Services

The La Pine Rural Fire Protection District Support Services Team is a group of dedicated volunteers who serve the community through the fire district with the motto  “some can’t do all – but all can do some”.

This 12 or so member team operates Support Unit 118 at major incidents and for fire community prevention purposes. The mission is logistic support for the district firefighters – air resupply, firefighter rehab, and communications. They also serve as immediate support of displaced fire victims while the American Red Cross is being activated. The Support Services Team also assists the district with fire prevention booths at several community fairs and festivals during the year, as well as handing out healthy Halloween treats at the district stations. They meet the first Monday of each month for basic organizational and safety training.

The district is always seeking volunteers. Applications are available here or at the district administration office.

Support Services Brochure (click here)

Support Services Team Application (click here)