Current Fire Restrictions

Debris Burning Open-Effective September 30, 2023

Residential yard debris burning within the La Pine Fire District is open effective Saturday, September 30, 2023 in both Deschutes and Klamath County. The burn season is weather dependent and generally runs from Mid-October to Mid-April. 

*Note that small campfires and barbecues are permissible unless prohibited by local community or homeowner association regulations.

Campfires are allowed with a permit and only in established and approved campfire rings no larger than 3’ diameter and must use cut fire wood and/or charcoal briquettes to reduce the chance of sparks.

A shovel and bucket of water is required at every campfire and it must be dead out before you leave the site. Permits for campfires are free and available on-line, or at any of the district’s fire stations.

Remember every fire you light is your responsibility – ForeverIf your fire gets out of control, CALL 911

The La Pine Fire District strongly encourages citizens to continue to FireWise homes & properties to protect from wildfire. Options for pine needle and ladder fuel debris disposal at this time are: to chip on site, or haul to the county transfer site, and/or pile and cover the materials in a safe location and burn later in the fall after the first snow.

For more information, contact the Oregon Department of Forestry at 541-549-2731 or click here for information on their website.

*Please note: La Pine Fire District does not create or enforce fire regulations and closures. These are created by various governmental agencies including ODF, USFS, BLM, and the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) and Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch (COID) are the agencies with enforcement authority for these regulations. Regulations issued by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) apply to all private lands in the La Pine Fire District. We share dual jurisdiction and in general, if you live in the La Pine Fire District, you are also governed by the ODF restrictions. You can visit Deschutes County Dial at, enter your address, and click on “Current Tax Statement.” If you see “Department of Forestry Fire Patrol” on the tax breakdown, then their regulations apply to your property. Many of our residents also live in an HOA, which may have additional restrictions. The more stringent restrictions of the two are the ones that apply in that situation.

Industrial Fire Precaution Levels on Public Lands

Click here to check Industrial Fire Precaution Levels or call the BLM office at (800) 523-4737.


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